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Transform Your Space with Lee's Variety: Exceptional Home Decor Essentials

Home Décor

Décor collections, home accents, throws & blankets, and much more – if you are looking to spice up your home’s interior décor, Lee’s Variety Quilting & Fabric has you covered. Sometimes all your home needs is a re-vamp, and you might be surprised what updating your home décor can do. Personalize your home to suit your style!

Carson Wind Chimes

Are you looking for that peaceful serenity that wind chimes offer? Classic, bamboo, and glass wind chimes are some of our most popular. Create an environment of positive energy that is known for suppressing bad luck, with a soothing, gentle, hand-tuned sound that helps attract beautiful spirits. Browse our vast selection, today!

Silk Flowers

Replace real flowers with beautiful, silk, artificial flowers from Lee’s Variety Quilting & Fabric. They are hassle-free and ideal for a wedding. Avoid the sniffles with these allergen-free flowers that look more realistic than you can imagine. They are low maintenance and last forever! Affordable. Durable. Perfect for home or business use!

Garden Flags

If your garden has some areas that are lacking in appeal, garden flags are a wonderful addition to bring a little life to it. Lee’s Variety Quilting & Fabric has various garden flags that are versatile and affordable. Garden flags can even make your garden seem bigger! Explore our options and discover a simple way to add whimsy to your garden.


Did you know that candles aren’t just for an aesthetic, but also have various health benefits? Candles that use quality essential oils help promote relaxation and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It can even help improve your quality of sleep. So, the next time you need an excuse to buy that lovely candle – remember it’s for self-care!

Fragrances & Lotions

Take your beauty routine to a whole other level with Lee’s Variety Fragrances & Lotions. From detoxifying salt scrubs and bath bombs to oils and exfoliating body cream, our store offers the essentials to make your skin feel healthy, relaxed, and effortlessly beautiful! Browse our inventory to find your new favorite fragrance and skin care products!

Table Top Accessories

Lee’s Variety Quilting & Fabric has an assortment of tabletop accessories to add some style to your dining room table, kitchen table, and other common areas. Survey through our collection and who knows – you might find inspiration for a future interior design project. Our tabletop accessories bring a modern, dazzling design to your living spaces.

Kitchen Towels & Aprons

Kitchen towels and aprons are vital in any kitchen. They promote a safe, clean environment and keep the home cook protected from food stains on their clothing. Kitchen towels are also great for cleaning messes, wiping counters, and also add a sense of style and personality to every kitchen. Browse our selection of kitchen towels and kitchen aprons to take your home cooking aesthetic to the next level.

Wall Décor

The days of wall décor being an afterthought are over. Create a beautiful aesthetic with the right wall décor. Artwork is a great way to provide a focal point for a room and invite a sense of texture into your home. Furthermore, if your room feels a little unfinished – wall art is a great way to give the appearance of a complete room. Browse our selection for a piece that suits you!

American Flags

Lee’s Variety is the number one option when you need an American Flag, from handheld size all the way to 8’ x 12’. We also carry Patriotic bunting, Armed Forced Flags and can special order any flag you want!

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